Naming Ceremonies

naming ceremony

It is a beautiful and exciting time when you welcome a new person into the world. 

Some people do this formally through a religious institution, others prefer a more informal approach, and some parents opt for both types of ceremony, perhaps to satisfy the wishes of both sides of the family. 

A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to gather loved ones together and give them the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of your little one's journey together. 

You may wish to choose one or more Godparents, guides or mentors, that form a special connection with them, or else during the ceremony you can simply allow all those present to make their own personal commitment to loving and caring for their newest friend and family member. 

As your celebrant, I can help you to structure a brief ceremony that may include prayers or readings, poetry or music and could include elements such as signing a "Welcoming Book", releasing balloons or even a modified version of the Rose Ceremony, which you can explain to the child as they grow up, or the Sand Ceremony, which is particularly lovely for any siblings who are in attendance. 

There are no formal requirements or structured elements for a naming ceremony, so how we conduct the day is entirely up to you. However, I can show you some suggested formats from which you can choose and adapt to suit your family.

My fee for a naming ceremony is $200, which includes everything from the initial meeting until the conclusion of the ceremony. Particularly long or complex ceremonies may include a surcharge, which I will discuss with you if necessary. 


" Our international guests loved the Dutch bits you included and all of our guests in total said how great you were and what a wonderful ceremony it was. "

- Eric and Karen Langen


" We appreciated all the preparation that you put into the service, from the selection of readings, the choice of vows to the beautiful Rose Ceremony. "

- Shanker and Mia Bala


" Lots of people were realy impressed with your work. "

- Phang & Scott Pimlott