Funerals & Memorials


"While we are mourning the loss of our friend,

others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil."

~ John Taylor ~ 

Funerals and memorials give us the opportunity to celebrate the life of our loved one, surrounded by those who cared for them.

It is a special time, an important time, and requires dignity, grace and respect in a manner that they themselves would have defined such traits.



A funeral is an official ceremony that celebrates the life of the deceased. It is usually organised through a funeral home (or similar organisation) and takes place within a few days of the person's death. 

Key elements of a funeral include choices of music, readings, poetry or prayer and is aimed at acknowledging and remembering that person, both the way they would wish to be remembered, as well as in a way that best allows their loved ones to farewell them. 



A memorial is very similar to a funeral in the sense that it is a ceremony celebrating and remembering a loved one, but with some key differences. Traditionally there is no casket at a memorial and it does not necessarily take place immediately following their passing - it may even be on an anniversary or on another day of significance.

Although still an official ceremony, memorials are generally less formal than funerals and may be more flexible in terms of the structure and flow of the service. 


Ashes Scattering Ceremony 

Once a body has been cremated, the family and friends may wish to scatter the ashes of their loved one somewhere significant, whether it be at the site of great achievements for them, a favourite destination or perhaps even at their family home. 

The ceremony is similar to a memorial, in that it is not necessarily very structured, but, like all ways of remembering and celebrating the life of one who has left us, it could include a selection of readings, music, poetry, prayer or any other elements that best allow those present to say farewell. 



" Matt and I would like to say thank you for conducting our Wedding ceremony so beautifully last Thursday. We have been told by many of our guests that it was one of the loveliest ceremonies they had seen. "

- Melissah and Matt


" Karen and I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding ceremony last month. It was absolutely perfect (can't believe the weather just held off too!!!), it was a really wonderful service and you were great. "

- Eric and Karen Langen


" Thank you so much, John, for making our ceremony so special & beautiful.   "

- Phang & Scott Pimlott